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After a lengthy process and years of community input and review, the West Hollywood City Council has scheduled hearings on adoption of its new General Plan. The first hearing is set on October 23 with a follow up hearing expected in early November, with the city hoping to stay on track to finalize the new plan before the end of the year.

My Involvement in the General Plan Advisory Committee

I had the honor of co-chairing West Hollywood's original General Plan Advisory Committee ("GPAC") back in 1985-1986, which advised and worked with the City in creating West Hollywood's first General Plan. I was also honored to have been appointed to West Hollywood's Planning Commission and served as a Planning Commissioner from 1987- 1989, with the express purpose, among many, to help shephard the original General Plan through the City's review process through ultimate adoption.

This go around, I was again pleased to serve as a member of the City's most recent GPAC in 2009 - 2010. As in the first go around, West Hollywood has been open to new ideas and trends in the planning, housing and transportation fields and brought in top-notch consultants to advise its staff and the community.

Through my involvement in the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and its Governmental Affairs Committee I've also participated with other members of the local business community in numerous meetings with City Staff and advisors and provided considerable input into this latest plan.

What is a General Plan

Every community in the State of California is required to adopt and periodically update its General Plan. As per the City's own website: "The West Hollywood General Plan is a long-term policy document that balances the commercial, residential and development needs of the community. A visionary document and a road map for the next 25 years, the General Plan is a living document that reflects the wants and desires of the community in the areas of Land Use, Housing, Traffic and Transportation, Parks and Open Space, Public and Community Services, and Social Services."

The General Plan is important because it sets the policy agenda for land-use development, transportation, energy conservation, parks, and public services in the City. In addition, it shapes future budget decisions and the allocation of City services.

Of particular interest in this new General Plan is the creation of a new Transit Overlay Zone which would potentially allow some increased density and height in and around transit nodes in West Hollywood.

The General Plan also has a creative economic development element, which calls out policies to maintain and enhance West Hollywood's tourism, entertainment, restaurant, nightlife, art, design and retail industries. Together with my colleagues at the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and as a Board Member of West Hollywood's Marketing & Visitor's Bureau, I fully support this new Economic Development Element and appreciate the importance of these creative industries to West Hollywood and its future.

For more information on West Hollywood's General Plan, visit West Hollywood's website at:

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